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Drinks Packages

Old Luxters has a variety of drinks packages to choose from, all of which are pre-calculated based on spaces of time throughout your day. We do always have extra available if you and your guests are very thirsty! However this is rarely needed. You can choose from our house wines, our wine menu or from Chiltern Valley Wineries selection. Or we can even get different wines in if you have another preference. 

Personalised drinks packages are also available, for instance mulled wine in the winter during the drinks reception or Pimms in the summer. Tell us what you would like!


We can also offer a corkage price option if you would like something closer to your hearts. This is where you would supply your wine and bubbles. Old Luxters would then refrigerate it and serve it for you. Beers, soft drinks, mineral waters and spirits would then be supplied by ourselves.

Need help calculating how much you need?


Wine: 100 adults guests / 2 = 50 bottles + 10 buffer = 60 bottles required.

Bubbles: 100 adult guests / 2 = 50 bottles + 10 buffer = 60 bottles required


The main bar which is located in the barn itself (just in front of the brewery tanks!) is fully stocked with spirits, ales and wines, as well as Chiltern Valley’s yummy delights!

If you have a particular brand of spirit, beer or wine that you would like to spend your day with we can of course arrange this.

Although the barn is located in the middle of nowhere we do have a fully functional PDQ machine. Your bar can then be set up as a par bar, account bar, or partial account bar. This is where you would put X amount behind your bar for selected drinks of your choice for your guests.  

We have a 2.00am license if you would like to use it!

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