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Add a Hint of Luxury with Metallics by Charlie

Add a Hint of Luxury with Metallics

Your wedding day will be the time in your life when you feel most glamourous and will surround yourself with family friends and beautiful things. In recent years we have seen minimalism feature heavily on our wedding design radar. Rather than all-out over the top glitz and florals we are seeing accent colours and hints of nature. One trend that we are especially excited about is metals and metallic finishes.

Why are metallics such an attractive addition? With the smallest amount of gold or bronze you are able to hint at luxury. With the use of paint dipped items, or gold leaf that is not perfect in application, rustic beauty can shine through. Easy to DIY and timeless in its beauty metallic finishes can represent a rainbow of hues.

The standard ivory table cloth can be a wonderful backdrop for anything from gold spayed leaves, to silver mercury vases to pewter chargers.

Beautiful at any time of year, reflective finishes and mirrored surfaces easily make light bounce around your venue, as wonderful in direct sunlight as sparkling in evening candlelight. Below I have collated a number of easy metallic DIY’s that will add a touch of sophisticated glamour to your wedding day.

Gold Dipped Vases

Simply pour gold paint into a vessel of your choosing and swirl. Tumblers and jam jars work perfectly for this.

         + =      

DIY Gold Star Back Drop

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

This simple DIY will add a beautiful focus to your wedding photographs and provides a fun backdrop for your guests to get creative with.

Spray paint star shape cardboard cut-outs gold or your chosen metallic colour and string them together using fishing twine. Easily customisable. Try doing this with leaves to added a natural element to your décor.

 +  +    = 

DIY Gold Leaf Backdrop

Spray paint leaves gold or your chosen metallic colour and string them together using fishing twine. Easily customisable.

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